Migrantes y refugiados: días antes de la elección 2016

Hoy día en los Estados Unidos hay un problema muy prominente sobre la inmigración. También es un tópico muy importante en el elección de 2016. Es importante que sepamos como un país las detalles sobre la inmigración para que podamos hacer cambias buenas para los inmigrantes y los refugiados. Para un presidente que quiere hacer... Continue Reading →


Puerto Rico: Maria Through an Economic Lens

The fallout from Hurricane Maria on every aspect of Puerto Rican life has proven to be extensive. Many residents who did not leave the island prior to the storm are considering doing so simply because of the devastating remains of the economy. Because the economy depends so greatly on tourism, the numbers have diminished to... Continue Reading →

Will You Be My Valentine?

When asking for opinions regarding the holiday coming up on Tuesday, I was met with many differing perspectives. Thoughts ranged from “It’s adorable” to “It’s disgusting” to “I’m getting my boyfriend Crocs and a card that says ‘Are you a beaver? Cuz DAM.’” Whether single or happy in a relationship, one often wonders what the... Continue Reading →

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